You have two options:

  • Either ask someone you know to make the payment on your behalf. Simply give your friend access to your Application Space so that he/she can access the payment page.
  • Or you can pay with Bitcoins – the most well-known digital currency in the world. You don’t need a bank account to have Bitcoins. Transferring Bitcoins anywhere in the world takes only a few moments. Payment confirmation is almost immediate (from a few seconds to a few minutes). This digital currency is widely used in countries that have difficulties making payments overseas, or when access to banking services is very difficult. You can easily exchange cash for Bitcoins, and then use them as you wish. Search the Internet to find out how to buy Bitcoins where you live.

Please note that we can not accept payment via Western Union or Moneygram as these payment services are not suitable for professional use and generate serious problems. Please refer to the section on Western Union and Moneygram.