Your registration fee is determined by your country of residence (not your nationality) and displayed by the system automatically.

Registration fees are as follows:

- Eurozone countries: €55 + VAT
- Sweden: 650kr + VAT
- Denmark: 450DKK + VAT
- Norway: 600kr + VAT
- Poland: 300zł + VAT
- United Kingdom: £55
- Switzerland: 60 CHF
- Canada: $80 CAD
- Japan: ¥9,000
- USA: $69 USD
- Russia: 6,500₽ RUB
- Ukraine: 2,250₴ UAH
- Israel: 250₪ ILS
- Australia: $99 AUD
- South Korea: 95,000₩ KRW

- Rest of the world: $69 USD (for all countries not listed above).

These amounts are provided for informational purposes only and may be changed at any time.

The Eurozone is the group of countries that use the Euro as their national currency. It does not include every country in Europe.

When paying your registration fee, it is not possible to choose a different currency. The fee must be paid in the currency of your country of residence. If your country is not listed, then the fee is to be paid in US dollars.

You will not be charged VAT if you are a professional with an intracommunity VAT number that is valid in Europe. The VAT will be paid by us automatically.

If you are not a professional with a valid VAT number, please leave the “VAT number” field blank.
Note: An intracommunity VAT number begins with a 2-letter country code and is not the same thing as a personal tax identification number. Please do not enter your personal tax number - it will not be accepted!

For each edition of the Luxembourg Art Prize, you are only required to pay one registration fee and can add as many works to your personal file as you please at no additional charge.