For “SOFORT-Überweisung” payments, your bank will send you an electronic notification to let you know that your payment has been approved. You should receive this notification no later than 14 days after you make your payment.

Once you make your payment, everything else is done automatically.

Important note: As long as you make your payment before the deadline for submissions (even 5 minutes before), your payment will be accepted even if the confirmation from your bank does not arrive until several days after the deadline for submissions.

This type of payment is referred to as an “asynchronous payment method” because it requires several actions spread out over a period of time. The process starts when you log in to your bank account and make the payment. Next, your bank approves the payment with our payment provider, who then sends us the results of the transaction. Everything is automated and there is no human intervention, except at the very beginning when you make the transfer.