Only the most deserving candidates are awarded a certificate of artistic achievement from the museum, whether or not they are finalists.

This certificate of artistic achievement isn’t awarded to each participant, only to the most artistically deserving.

The concluded competition’s certificate is always available for download from your online candidate space from December 1st of that year, once the final jury has completed its work. 

For example, the certificate of artistic achievement for the 2023 competition will be available in your candidate space as of December 1, 2023.

To download a specific year's certificate, click on the crown corresponding to the year of participation in your candidate space.

Example of a screen displaying multiple entries:


If the current year's competition is still in process, that certificate is not available. In this case, you’ll need to wait until December 1st to find out if a certificate has been awarded to you.

Out of respect for the environment (i.e. the planet and trees), the official certificates are only available as downloadable PDFs. These documents are 100% legitimate and signed digitally in a forgery-proof manner. As a result, the museum does not send printed certificates by regular mail.

Electronic certificates are issued in high definition so they can be printed with the quality of an original.