For each annual edition of the Luxembourg Art Prize, 24 finalists are chosen in October, divided into three groups of eight people each.

Registering in multiple groups increases your chances of being selected as a finalist. Here is why it is important to consider this:

  • By registering for one group, you have 8 opportunities to be selected.
  • By registering for two groups, you have 16 opportunities.
  • By registering for three groups, you have 24 opportunities.

Your application dossier remains the same for all the groups you apply for during the annual edition. Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare a different dossier for each group. Moreover, all the works included in your dossier are automatically considered for all the groups you are registered for.

The groups are distinguished only by their registration deadlines: March 31st for Group 1, June 30th for Group 2, and September 30th for Group 3. Regardless of how many groups you join, you have until September 30th, the deadline for the annual call for applications, to finalize your dossier.