The Luxembourg Art Prize is an international art award that financially supports three winners each year, for a total amount of €35,000 (around US$39,000), and brings international visibility to the year’s 24 finalists. It is not an exhibition, but an international award. Whether you’re a finalist or not, you don’t have to send your work to the museum or travel to Luxembourg. 

In the weeks following their nomination, the finalists and winners of the year receive numerous exhibition opportunities from around the world and are in great demand by art galleries, art fairs and museums.

The Pinacothèque museum is delighted with the high visibility that the Luxembourg Art Prize brings to the finalists and winners, and is very pleased with the numerous artistic invitations that they continue to receive, even several years after their nomination.

Some finalists have also been included in prestigious international collections and public museums following their nomination.

The Luxembourg Art Prize brings international visibility and acts as a career accelerator.